12 Masks Of Fire Drums

Get a $1000 Welcome Bonus to play 12 Masks Of Fire Drums!

12 Masks Of Fire Drums

The 12 Masks of Fire Drums slot game is an eagerly anticipated video slot game from Gameburger Studio and Microgaming. The original game, 9 Masks of Fire, published by Games Global, was a smash hit with video slot gaming fans everywhere. The fiery graphics and fun theme ensured it soon became a must-play for slots players. Does the new 12 Masks of Fire Drums slots game hit all the right targets for players, or is it likely to sputter out like a candle in a rainstorm?

Let’s find out!

The Important Stuff

Volatility is very important with slot games because it directly affects players’ gameplay experience and chances of winning a big prize. Higher volatility slot games offer bigger prizes but come with a higher risk, whereas low volatility slots are less risky, but the prizes are lower.

The 12 Masks of Fire Drums slot game has an RTP of 96%, so for every $1 you wager on the game, you will get back 96 cents over time. This is a good figure, as it means your odds of winning when you play The 12 Masks of Fire Drums slot game are higher than other slot games.

When it comes to volatility, which is an important consideration for any slot game, The 12 Masks of Fire Drums slot game has a ‘high’ volatility. Is this a good thing? Well, it depends.

It means that the 12 Masks of Fire Drums slot game is risky, but if Lady Luck shines her benevolent torch on you, you stand to win up to 3000x your bet. So, if you bet $80, which is the maximum bet, for example, you could win a life-changing $240,000! Imagine what you could do with that kind of money! Drinks all round? A quick trip to Vegas with the girls? A new car? Your options are endless.

Like the original game, 9 Masks of Fire, the new game has a 5-reel, 3-row structure with 20 lines. The minimum bet is $0.20, which makes it a fun one to try when you have a little bit of cash spare and need something to entertain you.

What are the Bonus Features?

The 12 Masks of Fire Drums slot game introduces an Epic Strike Tower in the base game, so the Collect Pot Feature guarantees wins when you land wilds for the Epic Strike Tower Bonus. This gives you 12 prize levels, which expands the winning potential to 3000x your bet. The original game had a maximum payout of 2000x a player’s bet. The 12 Masks of Fire Drums slot game offers significantly more scope to win a decent prize.

Fans of 9 Masks of Fire will remember that the original game had a Free Spins feature activated by landing shields. This has been enhanced in The 12 Masks of Fire Drums slot game. Watch out for the Fire Drum Bonus during the Free Spins phase, which lets you take advantage of free spins and a chance to try for the jackpot prize.

There is a Rising Rewards multipliers in the base game, and if you collect them, you can score some free spins and win up to 10x your bet. How amazing is that!

These new features are a great improvement on 9 Masks of Fire. Once the Free Spins Bonus round ends, the multiplier awards a starting value between 1x and 4x.

Watch out for the Fire Drum symbols, which give you additional free spins. If you are lucky enough to get some free spins from the Fire Drum symbols, you can climb the Epic Strike Jackpot Tower, so keep a close eye out for those flaming fiery drum symbols.

In cannibal territory, fiery drums would not be a good sign, but you don’t have to worry about shrunken heads in this game. Yay!

The Game Theme

Like the original game, the 12 Masks of Fire Drums slot game is set in the heart of the African Savannah, where lions roam, and the sun beats down relentlessly. Or it would if the game was real. We suggest you find Toto’s Africa on Spotify and channel lyrics like ‘the wild dogs cry out in the night’. This is the vibe the gamemakers were totally going for. We promise.

The 12 Masks of Fire Drums slot game comes in various languages and offers dynamic scaling, so you can play it in many different countries.