Immortal Creatures Online Slot

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Immortal Creatures Slot Overview

Finding a good online slot game seems to be getting harder and harder. The market is suffering from saturation, which is making it more difficult for stand-out titles to shine through. Immortal Creatures is the latest online slot game from renowned developer Microgaming, so you know you’re going to have the best online gambling experience. Does it break the mold like their previous titles or is it just another online slot game?

The Plot

The first thing that we need to discuss about Immortal Creatures is the storyline. Most online casino slot games are pretty bare-bones affairs, they may have a distinct style and pay lip service to a wider setting or story, but very few go to the lengths that Immortal Creatures has to ensure that the player knows the full backstory.

In taking this approach, developer Microgaming has created an online slot game that is more engaging than even some of the legendary developers’ own previous efforts. The game’s character roster consists of four characters, each with an associated mythical creature, one a professor and the other three his top students.

Each character feels distinct from one another and each one has their own little personality, which in turn gives the game itself a sense of personality. One of them, Bridget, is described by the game as being the goddess of fire. She is represented by a dragon with a tongue that can cut like a knife.

Then we have Tyler, a Golem and football star awarded a scholarship to a prestigious University. His inner mythical creature is the Golem, owing to his impressive stature.

These characters and the attention that the developers have paid when creating them are at the core of Immortal Creatures’ charms.


As you may have come to expect from Microgaming, the gameplay is the standard online slot game with a few novel twists thrown in. Microgaming has a knack for adding in additional features and rules that make their slot games a cut above the competition so that creativity is on full display with Immortal Creatures.

Matching adjacent symbols will trigger a win for the player, as you would expect. However, there is also a scatter wins mechanic, as well as a wildcard tile that can trigger different events. Players can also earn bonuses that include free spins, as well as other unique events that can net them a larger payout. For example, if they are able to unlock the Cryo bonus, then not only will players receive 10 free spins, but all their wins will be multiplied by 5.

The Verdict

There is a lot to like about Immortal Creatures. We still can’t get over just quite how endearing the character roster in this slot game is, nor how captivating we found the design choices Microgaming has gone with. In terms of overall quality, Immortal Creatures is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition and represents the very best that Microgaming is capable of.

Immortal Creatures represents yet another fantastic effort from Microgaming. There are a number of interesting gameplay features on display here that make Immortal Creatures more than just another online slot game. If you have been looking for something that will rekindle your interest in the genre and prove that it is not completely stagnant, then this is an excellent game to look into. Or, check out Book of Oz and see where the magic takes you!